In the honor of you the inspiring woman, Qamrah world is determined to illuminate your professional life with simple elegant beauty and professional enduring style. Qamrah believes her story is every woman’s story to share. She is reminded to rise up for her big dreams, remain present in her reality and retreat herself with simplicity. Simplicity retreats are in every aspect of life; from inner to outside beauty. SHE IS QAMRAH and SHE IS YOU…The believer in your inner magic. You are the unstoppable when playing any role. You are aware of the significance that you can become with greater life purpose. You accept the imperfection and live letting beauty grows in to yourself. To become what you want. Compassion is your secret. The moon represents your radiation, your daily hectic transformation from being a mother or a sister or a daughter to become professional decision maker at your home, business, family or working life. Challenges are part of your story to experience. You tackle and enjoy your journey with simplicity for being present and focused. Calm and patience is your passion to become what you want. Be confidant, when you have it you make everything looks good.