About Us


Our lives have never been busier than they are now, especially for women! We have to cram so much into our lives with meetings, events, socializing with family and friends, taking care of children and sometimes even running our own businesses. This can sometimes happen all in one day! The QAMRAH brand visionary and managing partner Deena Al Faris, believed she can offer fashionable lifestyle and enduring designs maintaining the simplicity and focused details. All to serve and empower the ambitious, determined, on going woman. Because simply she lived it all!

She is, a passionate & motivated person herself with a history of ground building business experience with her inevitable Title “The Queen of Caviar” due to the ground breaking vision she shared with her father, which was producing caviar on Saudi soil, & today exporting to Russia. After many years of running the family business she had decided to go “solo” and move out of her comfort zone to begin a journey of self exploration and realized a need she shared. With no fashion experience or design background she has entered in the world with the sole purpose of satisfying a need. A need she called it for QAMRAH WORLD for QAMRAH WOMAN.

Years passed before she was able to bring her dream solution to reality. She had to knock every door and check every source. Until she finally embarked herself in Milano, Italy cut and sew experts. She believes she will keep her journey developed and not limited to the current resources.

“ I want to dress my woman her confidence reflection and she make it look unique with her inner radiation”. QAMRAH